Bele Vrane (White Crows)

White Crows

Ditka Haberl, Doca Marolt, Bor Gostisa, Tadej Hrusovar

Photos Courtesy of Tadej Hrusovar
White Crows

Tadej Hrusovar writes:

As the Beatles marked the world music scene and became a legend so The Mamas and The Papas did. They were so unique in their music and their sound was so specific that it was impossible to do any better. That's why we didn't record many of their originals. We did a Slovenian version of California Dreaming, Hey Girl, Twelve Thirty, Safe in my Garden and My Girl. But in live concerts we did a lot of their music mostly in our first period.If you asked someone in former Yugoslavia who was Yugoslav Mamas and Papas, we were so well known that everybody knew it was the White Crows/Belevrane (its translation in slovenian language).

I remember in Belgrade the day of our concert a national radio rolled our English version of the Hey Girl and people should have guessed who was singin' for a word question. People all thought it was The Mamas and The Papas. That encouraged us to release a single with that song."

Tadej Hrusovar
May 2001

I received the following email from Tadej in December 2014:

Hi dear friends.

My name is Tadej Hrusovar member and leader of slovenian pop rock group White Crows. After nearly 14 years when I sent a pictures of Bele Vrane ( White Crows ) to Richard Thorpe [] now I just wanna say hello to you and the people who visit this web site. It was a great pleasure for me when the pictures appeared on your web site where people analyse the Mamas and Papas song Creeque Alley.

My best regards

Tadej Hrusovar

Since Tadej frst sent me the pictures of Bele Vrane the internet has made music from all over the world much more accessible so I am pleased to say that you can find music from Bele Vrane here on YouTube and also on Spotify and Deezer (you'll need an account; search for Bele Vrane).

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